We are always buoyant and optimistic in our outlook and we don’t see 2012 to be any different. Despite the financial doom and gloom we have seen the demand for our wine and English wine increasing and no signs to the contrary. It is really good to be part of a growing industry and I think this is a golden time to be involved as on the whole everyone is open and up for everyone doing well.

Last year we started exporting to Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong to four separate companies and we are excited to see where this goes as the volumes have been quite large for us.

Back in the UK we have also been featured on a number of programs and newspaper articles as seriously as any wine producer from around the world is featured. This included being on Raymond Blanc’s Christmas special, it was great to have such a well-respected chef and nice chap take the time to visit us. Over the next few weeks we are being featured on the Caroline Quentin Cornwall program and they have shown Camel Valley and Cornwall very well with some amazing footage, so we expect to have a busy summer.

We have had some larger harvests in the last few years that have seen our average production increase. We are just about to start work on a super insulated bottle store and we are taking delivery of the final part of our fully automated disgorging line just to cope with demand.

We have some really excellent sparkling wines and still wines to be released this year so I am sure we will have continued success in the wine competitions, and if we don’t it will be because there are lots of other fantastic English wines around for people to try.

Sam Lindo, Winemaker of the Year 2011
Camel Valley