Denbies in first English Sauvignon Blanc planting

Three hectares of Sauvignon Blanc have been planted at Denbies as part of its strategy to move to more premium dry white wine styles. Clone 108 on Gravesac rootstocks were chosen for early ripening and limestone tolerance.

“There is always an element of risk with any new variety that is introduced to the UK” commented John Worontschak, consulting winemaker with Litmus wines who are working with Denbies on its expansion plans. “Three hectares, although small in terms of Denbies overall size is larger than the average English Vineyard. We are confident with this great site that we will achieve full ripeness.”

Chris White, Denbies managing director says: “This is exciting times for Denbies, we have planted many varieties here that have been considered a risk.Pinot Noir was the major example and is now one of England’s premier varietals and an integral part of Denbies wine production.”

The company currently has a range of 12 wines.

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