English people drinking English wine

An ambition by a newly launched English wine website to stock two wines from every producing English county is one plank of the game plan to succeed in the website’s first year, reveals its founder.
Mark Haddock has launched greatenglishwines.co.uk and admits that the development of the Berkshire-based website has required a steep learning curve.
He says: “It seems to have taken an inordinate amount of time to get the site in operation. I have become hugely aware, however, of the difficulties facing the small business when trying to procure services. Trying to find good prices on the likes of packaging and shipping has been a trial to say the least.
“At the moment, I’m not sure what the benefits of being a member of the various wine organisations are, but if they’re not offering collective purchasing power, it’s something I may investigate further.”
In the site’s first year, Haddock will look to implement a number of techniques to achieve successful trading. He says: “Before anything else, the site needs to be able to pay for itself so breaking even is first and foremost. We intend to achieve this by implementing the following.”

  • In the short term, stock wine from at least two wineries per producing county.
  • Offer customers specially selected mixed cases of English wine so they can sample the diversity on offer. Haddock has a celebrity TV wine journalist happy to put their name to a case.
  • Provide a free listing on the site and mini biography for all producers that are interested.
  • Actively become involved in the support and promotion of English wine.
  • Include more information on the site about the English wine industry, the most popular vines currently being grown, production methods &c.

He adds: “Obviously we won’t stop at the above, but that will give us something to work towards. Our mission is to get English people drinking English wine.”