Five new varieties for New Lodge

A move into red wine growing and a wish to avoid the “boredom” of single varietal planting has prompted a Northamptonshire boutique vineyard owner to establish a new section of planting with four new varieties and two Pinot Noir clones.
New Lodge Vineyard of Earls Barton is more than doubling the number of vines when the new stock is planted this month.
Joyce Boulos-Hanna, the owner, said: “I am planning the establishment of a new section in the vineyard for a further 1,000 vines. Phoenix, Bacchus, Solaris varieties for white, two clones of Pinot Noir and a Regent for sparkling pink and still red. I have not grown any red previously.”
The first planting at the estate were made in 2000 and, until the expansion, had some 400 vines.
She said: “Initially I had no plans for expansion but last October I began to think that having only one type of wine was a bit boring. The first thing I did was order the vines – so there would be no going back, or change of mind. I shall be trellising and ground covering from the outset, even though that could be delayed for a couple of years.”
New Lodge wines are made at Eglantine Vineyard.

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