Plumpton replaces washed-out Open Day

Plumpton College in Sussex has replaced its washed-out Open Day in Monsoon May with a date in June which organisers hope will be drier with better weather.
College authorities were very reluctant to cancel the event, scheduled for May 12, as the weather forecasts for the day were good but the car parking fields are currently too wet, with more rain forecast for today (Wednesday) and tomorrow before the weekend.
“Public safety is the foremost concern and is reflected in his decision, which has been taken with great reluctance and is much regretted,” says the college.
The Principal, staff and students at Plumpton College appreciate all the efforts many people have put into this event. They are very unhappy about having to make this decision, especially in a time of drought. Plumpton College has cancelled the Open Day a couple of times before in the past, and only because of ground conditions.
Plumpton College intends to have an Information Evening on Thursday 28 June when enquirers can get careers advice and find out about Land Based courses available at this Sussex College.

YouTube star

Meanwhile, the college is trying to extend its outreach with a 6:00 minute YouTube video on the wine centre, uploaded on February 28 by Matthew Hudson, course leader in wine business at Plumpton College.
The video has been seen by over 1,300 viewers since it went live. Click here to view the video.

More information on the Information Evening on 01273 890454 or