Quini launches restaurant training aid

Quini launches restaurant industry’s first integrated wine sales, training and customer engagement software platform

Quini (www.quiniwine.com), a leader in real-time wine tasting sensory data and technology solutions has announced QUINI SOM, the first and only integrated software platform designed to maximize wine sales, standardize staff knowledge and unify and enhance customer experience in the full service restaurant industry.

QUINI SOMM enables restaurant managers, sommeliers and wine directors to save significant time and effort, and optimize wine sales cheque averages by automating and improving critical wine related activities, from any connected tablet or computer. These include wine knowledge capture and distribution, training, wine evaluation and list creation, customer engagement and feedback, and access to real-time analytics and data.


“QUINI SOMM addresses an important, unfulfilled gap in one of the most critical profit centres in the full service restaurant segment,” said Jennifer Anderson, Quini’s vice president of products and revenue. “We’re applying next generation thinking and proprietary systems to cause a breakthrough in wine service standards, boost guest and staff loyalty, and profits.”

“QUINI SOMM helped us to uncover and realize new efficiencies that directly target the bottom line,” said Patrick Austin, director of operations at Glowbal Restaurant Group. “As Glowbal continues to expand, advanced training tools that resonate with a predominantly millennial workforce, automating wine knowledge distribution and standardizing training with Quini will help us to unify customer experience across our brands and locations, and further improve staff retention.”

Glowbal has introduced QUINI SOMM in several of its trend-setting restaurants in Vancouver, Canada.

Krynen: improved training times

Krynen: improved training times

Said Franck Krynen, wine education director and sommelier at Glowbal’s Black+Blue modern steakhouse in Vancouver: “We improved and reduced our training session times significantly, and went from running the floor to broadcasting wine knowledge and updates for staff via mobile, in real-time. The time savings and efficiencies are extremely valuable and now allow us to focus more on our customers and on selling, especially during rush times.”

Added Krynen: “With 94% of millennials using their smart phones in restaurants and servers consistently demanding more technology and training from their employer, QUINI SOMM is a real game changer.”

Key product features

QUINI SOMM users can create and broadcast wine lists and tasting notes, food pairing ideas and upsell suggestions to frontline staff, for on-demand access on mobile, reducing time waste and effort while improving operational efficiencies and guest experience.

Program managers can coordinate in-person and virtual wine training sessions, and interactive customer events, including blind tastings. The platform reduces staff training scheduling inefficiencies, and helps to condense in-person training session duration by up to 60 percent, with Quini’s structured, universal wine tasting and rating standard and app.

Built-in analytics enable managers to monitor staff progress and efficiently target coaching.

For the first time ever, full service restaurants can also capture and retain critical staff wine tasting notes, wine sensory evaluations and product ranking data assets, to enhance sales strategy and inventory decision making, and optimize the return on investment from staff training and development programs.

QUINI SOMM also enables restaurant guests to browse the sommelier’s interactive tasting notes, ratings and peer wine reviews, on their smart phones. This presents a new opportunity to engage fine dining clientele with unique, informative wine content while enhancing the dining experience, without the high cost of hardware. The same experience can be offered on restaurant-provided tablets and website.

Guests can add their own wine reviews using the Quini wine tasting and rating application on their phone or restaurant tablets, and where offered, within a restaurant’s website, giving servers insight into customer taste profiles for an even more personalized service.

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