Monday 01 September 2014

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chris foss

Keeping an eye on the vineyard

Vineyard monitoring is essential for vineyard managers to monitor their vineyards including: pests and diseases, weather, soil, yield, vine status, throughout the season in order to react if need be with the use of viticultural practices such as canopy management […]

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Linoel Hreff

English wine’s heart of oak?

A one-day seminar on how the use of oak can make or break a wine will focus on essential elements of oak use in both sparkling wine and


The write stuff at Giffords Hall

Giffords Hall, a family run vineyard located in the village of Hartest, Suffolk, is to host a book signing for what is being described as this summer's  'must

yearlstone flowering

Devon’s earliest flowering for a decade

Roger White of Devon vineyard Yearlstone vineyard has reported the earliest flowering of Devon vineyards for a decade. He writes: "Devon vineyards now flowering, picture perfect a week

hants fare

Hampshire wines on display

A group of six award-winning English wine producers have joined forces to present the Vineyards of Hampshire Wine Festival which takes place on Sunday

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