Thursday 22 March 2018

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The labourer is worthy of his hire at Pebblebed

After prunning some 22,000 vines, labourers and supporters of Pebblebed vineyards are invited to the end of pruning lunch party on Sunday March 25 at the Devon estate. A party will be held at Marianne Pool Farm, Clyst St George, […]

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Auf wiedersehen, Pet

European mainland exposure to English wine is growing, thanks to expanding interest in the Continental wine industry media towards the topic. After a positive write-up for

Pebblebed seeks more Partner involvement

Devon-based Pebblebed Vineyards is seeking people to join its Dragons Den-inspired Partner Vineyard.  Pebblebed’s Geoff Bowen, who oversees wine production from under 21 acres of vines

More Chiantishire than Devon this autumn

Devon-based Pebblebed Vineyards is one of the latest English vineyards to report on its 2011 harvest and reports that, while every year throws up its

Helpers sought for end of Pebblebed picking

Volunteers are being sought for the last picking of grapes at Pebblebed Vineyards will be undertaken this weekend at the grower’s Clyst St George and