Monday 23 April 2018

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Judgement of Parsons Green results revealed

The third Judgement of Parsons Green tasting has been hosted by Stephen Skelton to judge a range of English Sparkling Wines, with the trophy being carried off by Wyfold’s Wyfold 2009, from Laithwaite’s Wine co-founder Barbara Laithwaite and Cherry Thompson. […]

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Lies, damned lies and statistics

The leading research-led strategy consultancy serving the global wine industry, Wine Intelligence (WI), has conducted research projects to aid companies to gain greater insights into wine markets and

Debut exclusively-English sparkling wine club launched

The first exclusively English wine club has been debuted by an exclusively-English sparkling wine website just 18 months after the site launched to boost sales for English wine. East

You’re fired … but not quite yet

Fans of the current series of cult BBC business programme and English Sparkling Wine will have to be patient as the programme makers continue to

BBC tight-lipped on sparkling apprentice

In the media shower surrounding the identities of contestants on the latest series of BBC One’s business entertainment series The Apprentice, a starring role for