The labourer is worthy of his hire at Pebblebed

After prunning some 22,000 vines, labourers and supporters of Pebblebed vineyards are invited to the end of pruning lunch party on Sunday March 25 at the Devon estate.
A party will be held at Marianne Pool Farm, Clyst St George, Devon as part of the tradition in vine growing areas of the world to celebrate the end of the winter work, says winemaker Geoff Bowen.
He says: “This is a traditional party in vine growing areas of the world to celebrate the end of the winter work. We ask people to bring along a steak, other meats or vegetarian alternative, baguette/salads and we will fire up the bbqs with the vine cuttings to provide great flavours. A few bottles of wine will be cracked and we will celebrate the season.”
Final pruning in the Clyst St George vineyard, next to Marianne Pool Farm, until 12:30pm on the day of the lunch, will take place “anybody fancies some exercise before lunch,” he says. The lunch is open to all, including those who had not done any pruning.
“We are currently finalising people and businesses who wish to join our 2012 Dragons Den- inspired Partner Vineyard. We will be planting another two acres of vineyard at the beginning of May. Last year we had about 30 people and business groups join us. This is a 10-year long project from planting the vines, to after three years, harvesting the grapes and drinking the wine. Further details are on our website or contact me to meet up over a glass or two.”
The 2011 vintage release is expected to be released from the end of May – the fruit quality last year was excellent – particularly the reds with 13.5% natural alcohol for the Pinot Noir, says Bowen.