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Sparkling wine – bubbling with attitude
Is it best to market it as a wine or as something else?

We’ve all seen wine lists that say ‘Wine & Champagne’ as if the two are mutually exclusive. While English Sparkling Wine, and its French cousin Champagne, are just wines with bubbles, the traditional way of speaking and thinking about them has been to assume they are not quite the same thing. You can have ‘wine’ or ‘sparkling wine’ but not both, it seems.
A recent trend however is the increasing interest in Champagnes from small growers which is giving rise to a more wine-like approach as far as communication is concerned – similar perhaps to Burgundy, with lots of individuals all with a different story and a different product.
So is that the way forward for marketing and promoting English and Welsh Sparkling Wine?
What does the consumer really want and should the trade lead the consumer towards a new and different perception of champagne or be guided by what the majority of consumers want?
I have my view on this but would like to read what others think.
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Flûte à Champagne

James G

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