ukvine: 100,000 not out, the independent website reporting on the commercial production, sales, distribution and enjoyment of wine grown in England and Wales has passed a significant milestone in hits, despite an outage that closed down the site for three days.
London-based Fifty Fifty Media, who launched on St David’s day earlier this year, started its web counter one month later and has just recorded the 100,000th hit on the site.
Co-founder and editorial director James Graham says: “Since we started watching the hit counter climb slowly towards first the 1,000 hit milestone, then the 10,000 hit and now the 100,000 hit milestone. I do not mind admitting that when the site crashed after we had reached around the 98.000 total I was quite crest fallen. I worried that the hard work we had put into building ukvine’s special presence in the industry would be wasted but our internet provider worked to restore normal service.
“Having reached this milestone, we can make a valuable contribution to any advertiser seeking to reach those involved in the UK wine industry. In the seven months since we launched, we have covered production of wine in England, Wales and Scotland in 150+ news stories.”
Reflecting on the warm reception the site had received for its graphics, co-founder and webmaster Daniel Manning says: “I worked to produce a contemporary, modern design that is easy to load and ready and works to allow the visitor to easily navigate within the site.
“To have achieved 100,000 hits in six months is no mean feat and I am proud to think that my design has played a role in the website’s success.”
Visitor data from the site shows that visitors have come from the US, UK, European countries and Russia.
At the same time that hit numbers have grown, the websites Twitter presence has also grown significantly, reveals Graham.
He says: “We have over 220 Twitter followers, a number we hope to grow at the same time as we are growing hits. We are looking at exciting developments in presenting to a number of modern digital platforms – watch this space!”

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