ukvine becomes a Corporate Patron of ICCWS 2016

(LONDON: Immediate release) ukvine magazine has become the latest Corporate Sponsor for the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium 2016 (ICCWS) to be held for the first time ever in the UK.
The magazine, the UK’s first consumer magazine to showcase English wine and food, will assist the promotion of the three-day event in Brighton in May 2016, says James Graham, ukvine Editor.
He says: “As a ground-breaking event, we are pleased to be associated with the ICCWS next year. We look forward to working with organisers to extend coverage of the event in the months running up to the ICCWS and then attending a number of the lectures and talks. ukvine will be there to bring a consumer’s perspective to the production of wine in the cooler regions.
“Staff at the magazine are excited at the prospects of working with the ICCWS in the coming months to publicise the event through our popular website and weekly eNewsletter that reaches some 1,700 inboxes each Monday with industry news and gossip that makes it a must-read every week.”
As a bi-monthly magazine, ukvine is working to extend knowledge and interest in wine produced in England and will use this to present the industry to foreign winemakers and producers attending the symposium.
Daniel Manning, Director, says: “We have worked for five years on the ukvine brand, which is now recognised as the go-to media to support the English wine industry. This year, we launched ukvine magazine to bring a consumer angle to our coverage. It is designed to be an easy and enjoyable read, with modern design which makes it a most enjoyable read.”

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